What are Squad Marks?

Squad Marks are the ultimate gaming aid for table top miniatures. They are plastic clips that simply enough help “mark your squads” and can snap on and off of your bases in between games. Squad Marks are designed for standard base sizes and shapes such as beveled edged found in games like Warhamer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Infinity the Game, rounded edges found in Warmachine and Malifaux and straight edged such as laser cut acrylic bases.

What can I use them for?

During the heat of any battle sometimes it can be hard to differentiate where one squad ends and where squad begins. What unit has what powers or traits, and who is in what detachment? Squad Marks makes this easy by allowing you to change this up in between games without have to repaint your miniatures as well as use them on all of those unpainted gray miniatures you have during practice games (we know who you are). By quickly painting or marking the two tabs on each side of the Squad Mark this will help clear up any issues for remembering for you and your opponent.

Another great built in feature of the Squad Mark is the addition of a magnetic adhesive sticker. This is placed on the bottom and can be used attach your miniature to any magnetic surface when transporting or on the battlefield using movement trays. There are some great products that work well with Squad Marks such as Table Wars Movement trays and Battle Foams Magna racks.

What color do Squad Marks come in?

All of the Squad Marks come in matte black plastic and can be easily colored however you want.

How well do the magnets stick and to what surfaces?

The magnets hold relatively well. They have a large surface are which prevents models from sliding around and the occasional bump. They are not recommended for transporting your models on vertical surfaces and upside down. They do not hold as well as rare earth magnets, but at the same time do not have your models clump together.

Squad Marks also stick best to uncounted steel metals. They can hold on mildly to other magnetic and magnetically receptive sheets.

What is the best way to color them?

There is no perfect way to color them, but feel free to use any method you feel comfortable with. They are just ABS plastic with a mild mold release. Some of the ways you can quickly color them is to use acrylic paint, paint markers, and even stickers. You can also use spray paint or an airbrush, but make sure to keep as much paint away from the inside surfaces as this might affect the fit on a base.

How well do they fit?

Squad Marks fit very snugly on round beveled edge plastic bases as found with Games Workshop models as well as rounded edge bases. They can also work on flat edge and resin bases with some slight modifications to the base which may vary.

When clipping or sliding on, it might remove the paint that has been applied to the edge of the base and some touch-up might be needed. The more you take the Squad Mark on and off the loser and easier it gets to do so. You might find it helpful to use a sacrificial base to loosen the Squad Mark tabs up a but before adding them onto you painted edge bases.

Additional questions?

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