Bitz Bib

Bitz Bib

Ever drop those tiny pieces when building models and spend the next 10 minutes on the ground searching? Ever get a little to crazy with the Agrax Earthshade and get it all over your new Star Wars T-Shirt? Well the Squad Marks Bitz Bib is the product for you!

Made of light weight water proof fabric the Bitz Bib uses the included suction cups or any other hook to attach to your table and keeps a protective barrier between you hobby. Need to get up in the middle of a hobby session? The Squad Mark Bitz Bib has a convenient velcro next attachment to allow you to easily remove and leave at your hobby table.

And thats not all, the Bitz Bib can serve as a convenient way to trim that neck beard without getting hair all over your sink area and easily dispose off. Just attach the suction cups to our mirror and voilà. When your all done, you can fold it up and place all the contents in the provided drawstring bag, which can also double as a dice or token bag.

Price is for 1 Bitz Bib and includes:

1 x Bitz Bib

1 x Drawstring Bag

2 x Suction Cups


NOTE: Suction cups must be used on glossy flat surface.