Kill Team Specialist Markers

Kill Team Specialist Markers

These Kill Team Specalist Markers are perfect for any team. You can easily upgrade the specalist of each team my choosing one from the sticker sheets and adhering it to the ring. The kit also can include magnetic bases to allow you to easily transport your team from battlefield to battlefield.

The 3 sizes that are available are:

25mm (Ring ID: 25mm, Ring OD: 32mm)

32mm (Ring ID: 32mm, Ring OD: 40mm)

40mm (Ring ID: 40mm, Ring OD: 46mm)

  • Each ring comes in 1/4: gloss white acrylic and with its own adhesive magnet if selected
  • Each skill sheet also includes 6 x sets of the 21 specialist stickers with blank ones for creating your own.

NOTE: Some triming of the magnet will be required after install for better alignment.