30-35mm Squad Marks (Pack of 10)

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30 to 35mm Squad Mark with magnet

Squad markers for 30mm to 35mm diameter bases and self adjusts to any base size in between. All Squad Marks packs are offered in different matte colored plastic and have the magnet pressed into the Squad Mark with some added glue, but it is removable with small pick tool.

Each pack includes:

  • 10 x Squad markers

  • 10 x 8mm x 1mm rare earth magnets

Fits the following popular game bases:

Battletech: 30mm

Warmachine/ Hordes: 30mm

Warhammer: 32mm

Armada: 35mm (Squadrons)

Marvel Crisis Protocol: 35mm

NOTE: Be careful to not over stretch when attaching. Any base over 35mm may cause the material to break.